About Neosym Industry Limited

Neosym Industry Limited (Formerly known as The Indian Smelting & Refining Company Limited - ISR) is a part of C.K. Birla Group. The C.K. Birla Group is one of the India's leading business houses with a combined group turnover of USD 1.6 Billion, total employees strength of 20,000 and global presence across 5 continents.

The group has presence in various industries, such as Automobiles, Building Products, Automotive Components, Cement, Writing and Printing papers, Engineering Works, Software Development etc. The group also has presence outside India in US, UK, Singapore, Kenya, Nigeria, UAE etc.

The Group has strong commitment to philanthropy and is running educational institution even internationally reputed Higher Technical Institutes, Medical Institutes.

Neosym is a leading Gray & S.G. Iron casting, manufacturing company in India, Serving automotive, Agriculture, Earthmoving and Engineering Industries since more than 40 years.

Neosym manufactures all grades of Grey & S.G Iron casting, conforming international standards, quality & grade, to meet Indian and International auto giants.

Neosym is exporting machined casting to various countries like UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy & Southeast Asia.

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